How to beat Fantina in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

In Pokémon, there are many different types of trainers that you can battle. One type is the Fairy-type trainer named Fantina. She likes to surprise her opponents with unusual attacks, so it may be hard for players to predict which move she’ll use next. However, one way is by using a move called “Reflect.”

The “where to find fantina pokemon brilliant diamond” is a question that has been asked on many message boards and gaming communities. The answer to this question is in the game, but some people have trouble finding it. Here I will tell you how to find her.

Despite being the third gym you find in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Hearthome’s gym can only be investigated if you’ve helped Cynthia’s grandmother in Celestic Town. If you’ve completed that goal, proceed to the gym to face Fantina and her Ghost-type Pokémon, who are unquestionably the most difficult you’ll face thus far.

How do you complete the problem in the fifth gym?

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To get to Fantina, you’ll simply need to solve some simple arithmetic problems and go through the doors that lead to her. However, you may go to Fantina without facing another trainer by just taking the doors in sequence from right to left.

Fantina uses which Pokémon?

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Fantina, like previous gym leaders, will only have three Pokémon in her party: Drifblim (Lv. 32), Gengar (Lv. 34), and Mismagius (Lv. 35). (Lv. 36). As you can see, this gym is a significant step up in difficulty from the previous one. As a result, before rushing into this fight, you may wish to engage in a few random encounters and level up your group.

Trainers should also have a batch of Full Heals on them while facing Gengar and Mismagius. They will continually utilize their Confuse Ray ability to confuse your Pokémon, then use their most powerful move when your Pokémon is unable to attack.

In the fifth gym, the ideal Pokémon to employ is

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As we’ve already said, this encounter will be more tough than any other since Ghost-types have few vulnerabilities. Ghost will only be susceptible to Dark and other Ghost-types in the remakes, since they utilize the traditional Gen IV strength and weakness formula. Because they are very uncommon, there are a few strategies to succeed without one.

With Fantina bringing out Drifblim first, make sure your party is led by a Rock-type. Drifblim is a Flying-type Pokémon, so having a reliable monster like Rhyhorn in your arsenal will make this a breeze. A Rhyhorn may be obtained from one of the several Grand Underground Hideaways. A second method is to purchase many rock-type TMs at the Veilstone Department Store, which may be used on a variety of Fighting and Ground-type Pokémon.

Psychic and Ground-type attacks will be the quickest approach to take down Gengar. Because the Pokémon is a Poison-type, these kind of attacks are quite effective, and this opponent should be defeated in just two hits. Pastoria City’s Great Marsh Safari is a great place to capture a Psyduck or Golduck. Golduck may learn destructive techniques based on both of these categories, as demonstrated above.

Because Mismagius is strictly a Ghost-type, having Pokémon in your party that can learn Ghost and Dark-type techniques is your best chance. Machop, who can be found in any place between Routes 208 and 211, is the most prevalent one who can accomplish this. Payback and Knock Off are the most efficient techniques against Ghosts, with the latter being learned at Level 12.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fantina Pokémon Brilliant Diamond?

A: Fantina is a fortune teller in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

Is lucario in brilliant diamond?

A: Lucario is not in the brilliant diamond stage. The first and second diamonds are both owned by Sonic, and neither of them have any characters other than those two.

How do you beat the 5th gym leader in Pokemon Diamond?

A: You can find the answer here.

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