All Rusu Mountain Rot Spirit locations in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

The Bridge of Spirits is a location in the game Kena. Rusu Mountain Rot Spirit is a type of spirit that can be found at the bridge.

The kena bridge of spirits release date is a new game that was released on the Kena server. This game is a 5v5 map where players must defend their base from enemy forces.

In Rusu Mountain, there are a total of 13 Rot Spirits to hunt down, and they aren’t simple to find. Okay, so a few of them are simple to detect, but the most of them are well concealed. Keep an eye out for them as you make your way down the mountain. Here’s where you can find them.

Near a waterfall


A huge body of water will be in front of you when you approach Rusu Mountain. Swim to the left after you’ve gone for a swim. There are a few of places where you may go for a stroll. Continue to the left until you reach a steep cliff that runs beside the waterfall. There’s a light here, and it’s surrounded by a rock. The spirit is hidden under the rock.

Following the bribery


After conquering Rusu Mountain’s first contaminated area. Search the clearing for a rock that the Rot Spirits may use to locate one of their comrades.

Taro’s recollection


You’ll come upon a location with a big dirt slide shortly after running into Taro’s first recollection. Follow the route until you reach the summit, leaping from one stone to the next. Look down the slide as you turn around. A visible region with stone tablets may be found. Jump from the cliff’s edge to the stone tablets. You’ll land beside them on a ledge. If you fall to the ground, keep leaping and you may be able to rescue yourself.

ledge climbing


Later on, you’ll come across the next Rot Spirit. You’ll come upon a section with many climbing ledges. Jump onto the first tree-covered platform. On the huge rock face to the right, there are additional ledges. Grab the ledge by jumping over it. Following them around the cliff face will lead you to a second set of stone tablets. Activate your Spirit Pulse to summon the Rot Spirit.

Climbing continues.


Stay in the cliffs area until you reach the cave’s end, which is only on the opposite side. Locate the other climbable cliffs once you’re on firm ground. These will take you to a square stone in an open location. Lift the stone with the Rot Spirits and transfer it to the left, close to the other cliff. Climb to the top and look beneath a large stone for the Rot Spirit.

Area for archery challenges


You’ll only have one route out of the graveyard after you’ve obtained the Spirit Bow ability. At the bottom of the steps, turn left. Look for the three platforms with the red flags. A dangling blue orb hangs to their right. The Rot Spirit will emerge on the rock below it if you shoot it with your bow.

Getting Rid of the Wood Knight


You will immediately get three additional Rot Spirits after defeating the Wood Knight. After speaking with Rusu and receiving Taro’s knife, this will emerge.

Rusu’s home from the inside


Run into Rusu’s home as soon as you collect the final Rot Spirits. You’ll see that the Rot Spirits may interact with the wall of drawers, which is one of the many items to interact with. A Rot Spirit will emerge as a result of this.

Using flowers to clear


After speaking with Rusu, you are free to explore the area. There are two passageways through a stone wall with a tree on top of it in the direction Rusu is looking. Enter this region to discover a bigger, open space. In the midst of the flowers, there is a Rot Spirit. Once you’ve found it, use Spirit Pulse to stop and grab it.

On the island itself


Following the defeat of the Wood Knight monster and the acquisition of Taro’s dagger. Return to the top of the mountain by fast going back to the start or using the lift and flower path. When you return to the sea, look for an island with a flower on the tree. To be dragged over to the island, shoot the blossom. To summon the Rot Spirit, activate your Spirit Pulse.

Rusu’s garden is a beautiful place to visit.


After you’ve cleaned out Rusu’s home of corruption, look around for his garden. A water wheel with two objectives is present. To make the water wheel spin, shoot one of the targets. A Forest Tear will be released. To make the flower blossom, take the tear to it. Now utilize the Forest Tear to help the Rot Spirits resurrect the garden plants. A gourd is among the plants. To make the Rot Spirit leap out of it, use spirit pulse.

kena: bridge of spirits demo is a game that was developed by Rusu Mountain Rot Spirit. The game allows players to explore the world of Kena, and complete quests in order to unlock new areas.

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