How to Win Every Game?

There are many games that seem to be impossible to win, but there are ways to beat them. Here’s how you can win every game!

Winning in Fortnite is a difficult task to accomplish, but there are some easy ways to increase your chances of winning.

Let’s get right into the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Search and Destroy strategies for winning every other game. Before I go into the specifics, let me give you an overview of how Search and Destroy works in modern warfare. Despite the fact that the rules are generally same throughout all Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare Search and Destroy includes a few unique elements that I believe you should be aware of.

  1. Each Search and Destroy round lasts no longer than 120 seconds.
  2. Each squad may have a maximum of 6 players.
  3. The winner is the first team to score six points.
  4. One of the two teams is tasked with placing a bomb at one of the two locations on the map, while the other is tasked with preventing the attackers from doing so. In the event that the bomb is placed, the defensive team must defuse the device in order to win.
  5. Every three games, a team’s role is switched. If you assault the objectives first, for example, you will be allowed to do so for the first three rounds until your squad’s duty is shifted to protecting the bomb sites (for the next 3 rounds).
  6. The assailants are not required to plant the explosives. Even if the attackers manage to remove all of the other team’s players, they are still regarded the winners.
  7. Even if they manage to kill all of the assaulting team’s members, the defensive team will have to defuse the bomb.

Now that you know the basics of Search and Destroy, you can go through the tips and tactics below, and trust me when I say that no one will be able to stop you from winning the next round!

Have a Loadout That Functions

Because Search and Destroy battles are brief, you must move across the area fast and react to whatever is going on around you. If you’re on the defensive side, it’s best to travel about the map while keeping an eye on the objectives, and it’s critical for those on the defending team to locate a gap in the opposing team’s patrol and place that bomb!

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So, in Search and Destroy, this loadout with a more than hefty PKM that you use for suppressing fire for your allies on a Ground War map isn’t going to cut it.

Experiment with various loadouts until you discover the ideal mix of main and secondary weapons that can be utilized in virtually any scenario.

Check to see whether your loadout is balanced. For example, you might have an MP5 for primary, but it would be foolish to carry a knife for secondary since the MP5 is light enough to allow you to move quickly. If you decide to be the team’s sniper, a knife (as a backup) will come in useful. With an HDR in your arms, it’s difficult to change positions quickly. As a result, choose your position in the squad and select the appropriate loadout for your objectives.

Remember! In the game Search and Destroy, mobility is crucial.

If your main weapon isn’t very mobile, make sure your backup weapon is. I wouldn’t suggest going in with a PKM and an even heavier HDR (with accessories intended at increasing accuracy at the expense of mobility). If you have those weapons, you can’t actually change positions. And, yes, don’t carry a shotgun about since it’s considered immature. I, for one, believe it is much worse than childish. Really? Is it really just one blind shot? You’re capable of much more!

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Obtain the Appropriate Tools

Do you want to protect the bomb locations with a smokescreen (plus two players with thermal optics defending the smoke)? You may want to bring a few extra smoke grenades with you. If a gas grenade is thrown at the bomb location, the assaulting team must wait for the gas to dissipate before placing the bomb. Attempt to slow down the assaulting team in every manner possible. As a member of the defensive team, you may fire flashbangs in areas where the attackers are more likely to emerge, such as corners or alleyways. The defensive players would profit greatly by occupying particular corners or areas of the map, while the assaulting squad should always be on the move.

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Planting Claymores and Proximity Mines is a need for the assaulting side. Proximity Mines and Claymores should be used by the defensive team to protect their objectives.

Choose the Battle Hardened Perk to be less vulnerable to flashbangs, stun grenades, and EMP payload explosions. Because the maps in Search and Destroy aren’t very large, the Recon perk isn’t really useful.

You’ll quickly rise up the S and D leaderboards if you learn to utilize your equipment properly and have a gun with the perfect amount of firepower and mobility in your hands.

Here’s where you can learn more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

A Few More Pointers to Improve Your Search and Destroy

  1. If it’s not absolutely essential, don’t hurry. The quickest path to the bomb location is almost never the best. Plan your approach carefully and maintain a cold demeanor at all times.
  2. Don’t toss your grenade in the middle of the round. Within the first 10 seconds, the majority of the players on my squad had depleted their equipment supplies.
  3. Maintain constant contact with your colleagues. If you are killed, inform them as soon as possible of the last known position of the adversary who murdered you.

Did this tutorial help you improve your Search and Destroy skills in Call of Duty Modern Warfare? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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How do you always win a game?

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How do you win everything?

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