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In Kingdom Hearts 2.5, you can get Blazing Stones from the Bamboo Thicket and the Bamboo Forest. These stones are used to create a fire attack for Sora. The Burning Stone is also found in the Cave of Wonders, but it’s only available during certain events.

Blazing stones are a type of mineral that can be found in Kingdom Hearts 2.5, and they are used to craft the Keyblade upgrade Blazing Aura. The blazing shards kh2 is a blog post where you can find out where to get blazing stones in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 as well as how to use them for crafting purposes.

Cannon Guns (6 percent drop rate) and Tornado Steps (6 percent drop rate) are two Heartless that drop Blazing Stones as a synthesis component (8 percent drop rate). One Blazing Stone may also be found in a single box in the Disney Castle courtyard.

However, if you want to rapidly harvest them, just go around Port Royal battling both of these Heartless.

You may also visit the Olympus Underworld. On your second visit (and afterwards), there are a number of Tornado Steps, which are very simple to defeat and have an 8% drop rate for these stones.

They may be used to make the Firaga/Firagun Bangles as well as the Acrisius accessories.


Blazing Stones Farming

One of the following Heartless may drop Blazing Stones, which you can readily harvest in Port Royal or the Olympus Underworld (among other places):

Gun with a Cannon: You’ll recognize these guys when you see them: they’re cannon-shaped heartless on the verge of exploding!

Defuse these foes quickly for a 6% chance of obtaining a Stone.

They may be found in The Land of Dragons, Port Royal, and Space Paranoids, among other places.

You may also cultivate them in almost any of those places.


Cannon Gun Heartless in Port Royal / KH 2.5 HD


Tornado Step: These are the blue (or yellow in KH2.5/Final Mix) flying creatures. They have spikes on their heads and resemble squids, but they only have two limbs.

If you kill these flailing gremlins, you’ll have an 8% chance of getting a Blazing Stone.

These may be seen in a variety of locations, although they are most often seen dancing around Port Royal and the Olympus Coliseum (Cave of the Dead Passage, Underworld Caverns Lost Road).


Tornado Step Heartless in Olympus Underworld / KH 2.5 HD


In Kingdom Hearts 2.5, there are two optimal ways to harvest Blazing Stones:

1. Take out Cannon Guns and Tornado Steps wherever you find them around Port Royal, or

2. Travel to Olympus and battle Tornado Steps in the Cave of the Dead Passage.

If you just need one Blazing Stone, you can find one in a box in Disney Castle’s Courtyard (KH2.5 only).


Uses of Blazing Stone

Although these stones may be used to create a variety of things, they are only utilized in synthesis.

Firaga Bangle: Increases your defense by three points and provides you with a 20% increase in Fire Resistance. You may make them using x5 Mythril Shards, x1 Blazing Stone, and x1 Blazing Shard after collecting 5 distinct material kinds.

Firagun Bangle: An improved variant of the Firaga Bangle that now has a +25 percent Fire Resistance. It contains the same formula as the original, but with an extra Serenity Shard.

Acrisius: Increases your Defense by 3 and increases your Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder Resistance by 20%. You may make this formula using x5 Mythril Stones, x1 Blazing Stone, x1 Frost Stone, and x1 Lightning Stone after collecting 20 kinds of resources.

Acrisius+: The Acrisius has been upgraded. It follows the same formula as before, but now raises your resistance to +25 percent instead of +20 percent, and adds an extra x1 Serenity Stone.

Tornado Steps in Port Royal / KH 2.5 HD


Is it worthwhile to cultivate these?

While I wouldn’t suggest rigorous farming for Blazing Stones, gathering enough to create the goods listed above is a decent idea.

The Acrisius is very useful in surviving elemental assaults and is well worth purchasing.

Because each recipe only requires one Blazing Stone, you’ll almost certainly stumble across and collect enough of them simply by playing the game.

If you don’t have enough, go to Port Royal or the Olympus Underworld to get some more farming done.

Unless you’ve been very unfortunate and can’t find enough of them to synthesize what you want, going out of your way to acquire them isn’t really worth it.

The kh2 blazing crystal farm is a farming spot in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 that has the ability to produce Blazing Stones. These stones are used for upgrading weapons and armor, which are necessary for completing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get blazing gems?

You can buy them in the in-game store.

How do you get a blazing stone in Kingdom Hearts?

You can get a blazing stone in Kingdom Hearts by defeating the Heartless.

How do you get the Ultima Weapon in kh2 5?

This is a tough question to answer without spoiling the game for you. Im sorry, but I cannot answer this.

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