Riders Republic Relics Map Locations Guide

This is a map with locations of all the relics in Riders Republic. I hope you enjoy!

The “riders republic relic locations” is a map that shows the location of all the relics scattered throughout Riders Republic. The map can be found in the game’s main menu, and it will show you where to find each one.

This Riders Republic Relics Map Locations Guide will show you where all of the relics in Riders Republic are located. Riders Republic is a large map that you may wander around and explore at your leisure. Relics, sometimes known as Shackdaddy Funkies stuff, may be found in numerous spots across these maps. While they are dispersed over the area, this guide will identify their specific positions so you can locate them quickly in the game.

Riders Republic Relics Map Locations Guide

The locations of all the relics in Riders Republic are detailed in our Riders Republic Relics Map Locations Guide.

Bike for Adventure

The Adventure Bike may be found in the southeast area of the map, near Canyonlands Park. This place may be found exactly north of the second N of the Canyonlands listed on your map. From this ‘N,’ go north towards the river to discover the relic sitting on a huge rock in front of a tent.

Plane Made of Cardboard

To find the carboard aircraft, go to the southeast part of the map, where Sequoia Park is located. The Cardboard Plane is near the letter ‘I’ on your map if you open it and go to its name. You may reach there quickly by taking the Moro Rock Express. Near a hut where this antique is kept, a guy is tinkering with his guitar.

Bike that has been destroyed

Visit Zion Park and look around the park’s western boundary. This place is readily accessible from Lincoln Peak. Cross into Zion from Lincoln Peak in the southeast and look down the slope to see a damaged cabin. Check this spot for the artifact, which is resting against a river rock.

Bike that folds

To locate the Folding Bike, go to Canyonlands Park’s Arches Valley. The relic is situated in the southwest area of the Arches Valley, although you may get there via the Fiery Furnace. Go west from Fiery Furnace and continuing following the dirt route to this site. The artifact is near a massive rock, where another figure with a guitar may be found.

Grandpa’s Bicycle

You’ll need to go to Yosemite Valley to get the Grandpa Bike. Look for the T in the name of the place on your map. At this point, you must go fetch the bike. The best way to get here is to drive to Yosemite Village and then west on the road to the chapel. The bike is just close to the chapel’s mailbox.

Skis from the past

To get the Old School Skis, you must first go to The Wall Glacier and then to Grand Teton. Between Disappointment Peak and the Grand Teton Glacier, it is situated. You may reach this spot by driving to Teton Glacier and then dropping down the west side of the mountain. If you continue west, you will come upon a grey tent, and the relic will be found near this tent and the person with the guitar.

Bike for Pizza Delivery

You must go to Mammoth City, which is situated northeast of Mammoth Park, to locate the Pizza Delivery Bike. To get there, go to West City or UpTown and then trek down the Canyon Ridge road to the pizza business. You’ll eventually arrive to the pizza business, where you’ll discover the Pizza Delivery Bike.

Riders Republic Relics Map Locations Guide

Wings of a plane

Cloud Rest, on the east side of Yosemite Park, is where you’ll discover the Plane Wing. If you open your map, you must go to the spot marked Cloud and Rest in the center of the map. This place is accessible via Eagle View. Go west from Eagle View and seek for a little aircraft that has crashed into a pond. To discover the relic, look towards the tail of this wrecked jet.


Look for The Wall Glacier on the map. You may reach the relic by climbing up to The Wall Glacier from the Teton North Point. Once you’ve arrived, search for an igloo with a guy playing his guitar inside. Outside this igloo is where you’ll find the surfboard.

Bike for Training

The Cascade Canyon is the place to go on the training cycle. Head east after passing through the Table Mountain quick travel point. Continue following the Christmas gifts until you reach a decorated Christmas tree with the training bike next to the guy playing the guitar.

Ski Blades Made of Wood

Santiago Bowl, situated on Mammoth’s southwest flank, is your last destination. The Mammoth Summit is to the south of your destination. You may travel right to the Mammoth Summit and utilize the trial to reach the relic. Look find the detached ski lift vehicle with the musician on the path. This is where you’ll find the Wood Ski Blades.

Our Riders Republic Relics Map Locations Guide is now complete. If you have anything to contribute to this tutorial, please do so in the comments area below.

The “riders republic how to play with friends” is a guide that tells players of the Riders Republic game about the locations of their relics.

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