Baal runs are basically just Rifts

“Baal runs” are basically just Rifts. They’re the same game, but with a different name and new graphics.

The is baal worth it genshin is a question that has been asked for years. Baal runs are basically just Rifts, and there is no real difference between them.

Consider that for a moment.

You set a waypoint to Level 2 of World Stone Keep, and then you may generate random creatures from all acts, as well as a random map layout for Level 2 and Level 3. Along the journey, you’ll encounter a number of Elites. Then, at the conclusion of the run, you face Baal, the boss. The game is then recreated. Rinse and repeat as needed.

So, let’s work on improving Baal’s runs.


  1. Instead of needing to start a new game to begin a Baal run, why not make it repeatable inside the same game? It may be a gateway to another region, similar to Cow Level, but it could be recreated in game. (This will also reduce server load.)
  2. Why not use various tilesets for each level instead of using the same tileset (World Stone Keep) for all of them? It would be nice to have a change of scenery. There are a number of Act 1-4 tilesets that look great now that they’ve been remastered.
  3. Why not make it a random number of levels instead of a set number (Baal Run has four stages: Level 2 -> Level 3 – > Throne Room -> World Stone Chamber). On the road to the boss, you may also have additional elites if there are more levels. More elites equals more xp, which equals more stuff each run.
  4. Why not make it a random boss, like Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Countess, Horazon, Blood Raven, Izual, Nihlatak, etc., instead of constantly battling Baal at the end? They should be scaled to have comparable HP and damage as Hell Baal, but each run should have a distinct battle mechanism. Variety is aided once again. They may either offer the same drops or maintain their own drop tables.

And now you have more efficient and better Baal runs, or Rifts as they’re known. Haha.



Rifts are just the logical progression of what people were already doing in D2 and D3 prior to the release of ROS.

The concept of fighting creatures, particularly elites, on the route to slaying a boss at the conclusion of a run was not introduced by D3 with Rifts. It originated in D2 with Baal and Chaos Sanc runs.

When you think about it, the D2 community, not Blizzard, was the one who came up with Rifts.

Baal runs were not considered when D2 was built. Baal runs were devised by the community. That endgame playstyle was developed by the community. With D3 ROS, Blizzard has now officially supported that kind of gameplay.

So, kudos to the D2 players! Rifts were created by you!

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Rifts and chaos runs are the same thing. To summon the rift monster, you must defeat elites (seal packs) (Diablo). RIFTS!

In reality, ALL RUNS are nothing more than rifts!

RIFTS appear every time you restart the game to reset the mobs and repeat the same content. You’re only rifting!

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For the game Diablo 3, write “Baal runs are essentially simply Rifts.”

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