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In the original Kingdom Hearts, there are many worlds to explore. Some of these worlds have been explored in the other games in the series, while others remain a mystery. This blog will rank all of the worlds from least favorite to most favorite.

The ranking the kingdom hearts worlds is a blog post that ranks each world in the original Kingdom Hearts game.

Kingdom Hearts 1 will be remembered as a sentimental and perhaps forgotten classic for a long time.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage with your childhood idols, whether they’re Disney or Final Fantasy characters, as well as explore their worlds and be a part of their tales.

Seeing what these distinct and imaginative worlds have to offer beyond what has been seen on the silver screen is a fascinating hobby. These realms have stayed with me to this day.

So come along with me on a trip across all of the original Kingdom Hearts realms to see which ones are the greatest.

Deep Jungle (#13)


Our journey across the globe starts in an overgrown forest, a deep jungle if you will.

This world, in my view, is the most deficient.

Except for the campgrounds, trees, and greenery, there aren’t many things to see here. The whole level has the same appearance, and it’s extremely simple to become lost and confused, particularly if this is your first time playing.

There are just a few landmarks to watch out for, and each region has the same green-yellow color.

Don’t even get me started on the awkward, broken mess that is swinging on the vine…. *shudder*.

Tarzan isn’t exactly a thrilling film.

There is little fascinating or significant interaction between the characters, apart from a few moments with Tarzan himself. You’ll like the interactions between Sora, Donald, and Goofy, who are just getting to know each other and attempting to work together.

Otherwise, there isn’t much to write about in this planet.

They’re all nice folks, with the exception of the cruel monkeys.

Neverland (12.)


Neverland is unusual in that it is not so much a Disney world as it is the beginning of the game’s climax.

Without further ado, there is a reunion, and the story begins to move forward.

You’ll spend the most of your time aboard Hook’s boat rather than seeing the actual Neverland.

This results in a very boring atmosphere with little variety. There were just a lot of wooden planks and crates.

The closest you come to exiting the ship is a dull yet gorgeous flight around a massive clock tower.

Despite the absence of landscape, the interaction between all of the people onboard the ship compensates.

Sora and the unexpected visitor (no spoiler) get along well, while Peter Pan is a little offensive.

As I previously said, this planet is more of a stepping stone to the conclusion of your trip than a Disney world, so we can tone it down a little for what it is.

If you truly want to see all there is to see in Neverland, play the following games.

Forest of 11,100 acres


The 100-acre woodland is unlike anything else on the planet.

You’ve come to have fun with Winnie the Pooh and his friends instead of cutting and killing cruel individuals throughout history.

As you gather ripped pages, a slew of new mini-games appear.

For certain individuals, the world may quickly become revolting. Why should I spend my time playing pointless, stupid, awkward mini-games when triumph in the dark is there in front of me?

Despite its voluntary character, this 100-acre forest provides many practical and significant benefits.

To work on the Weapon of Ultima, you may acquire a new summoner, new skills, weapons, and resources.

It’s wonderful to go out and relax in the children’s paradise, knowing that there will be rewards and pleasant moments ahead.

However, even a relaxed environment like this may be stressful since many of the mini-games are difficult to handle and in general clumsy. For a variety of reasons, patience is essential to having a nice experience here.

Monster No. 10


Taking your gelatin spacecraft from one planet to the next may be quite an adventure.

Numerous heartless and other foes are attempting to eliminate you.

You believe you can rest and enjoy a quiet flying after the swarms of foes, but no one has mentioned the potential of space whales!

Monstro is one of the most original and inventive ideas ever devised.

Sora and the Banda must go to the belly of Pinocchio’s Monstro whale after being swallowed up in their funny ship.

While there are a number of excellent moments and story elements within the big animal, the rest of the world is a weird and confusing jumble.

This multi-colored, sticky material covers most rooms from floor to ceiling and appears the same everywhere.

Don’t seek for simple landmarks since each chamber is mostly made up of platforms and slopes.

Anyone might be driven insane by the song that plays over and again while you ride in the whale.

It’s just a terrible moment to be lost, because being lost simply entails battling the uncaring and always searching for a way out.

I guess you could say that the world is a little perplexing.

9. The Coliseum of Olympus


Olympus Coliseum is little more than a collection of glorified boss battles in one or two areas.

This is not the place to go if you want to go exploring.

Wait for Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 2 and KH3 for that.

Rather than exploring, you’ve come to show Phil that you’re a true hero.

The following boss battles may be a lot of fun, and they become much more thrilling later on when Hades and perhaps certain Final Fantasy characters, hint, wink, show up.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate how powerful Sora becomes with each visit, all the way up to the most powerful hidden boss.

The tale is short and fast-paced, yet it is still entertaining to see.

The Hercules characters complement Sora nicely and offer some enjoyable moments.

Hades is one of the greatest Disney villains, and he is always entertaining to watch.

Still, having more than three global areas and maybe meeting more characters would be great, but that will have to wait.

Atlantica is number eight.


Donald constantly spoke about how important it was to keep the world in order, but he never mentioned he’d have to give up his legs to do so!

The numerous undersea changes will be the first thing you notice on your first visit to the Atlantic Ocean.

A duck, a dog, or a man will not be able to breathe underwater. This isn’t a natural situation.

The duck octopus and the turtle dog, on the other hand, make a lot more sense.

Not only does your look alter, but so does your whole attack and move repertoire.

This may be a pleasant diversion or a really dull distraction, depending on who you are. If this is too inconvenient and inconvenient for you, you may choose to bypass the Atlantic.

It’s almost worth it to put up with the lack of expertise and confusion of the places because of the gorgeous ocean landscape and intriguing human interactions.

When King Triton tells Sora that blades aren’t always beneficial and may lead to world devastation, he presents an intriguing problem for him.

The War of the Wings and other narrative aspects are foreshadowed for the first time here, which is fantastic to witness later.

7. Agraba


Prepare your hiking boots, for our next destination is the ancient city of Agrabah, which is located in the sand desert.

Agrabah has become somewhat of a staple in the Kingdom Hearts series, featuring in all but two or three titles, and with good cause.

I’m not typically a fan of barren landscapes.

Agrabah, on the other hand, manages to be intriguing.

There’s a lot going on in this planet, despite its rough and basic look.

From a tour of the city walls to a journey through the harsh desert and a treasure hunt in the Cave of Wonders, there’s something for everyone!

There’s a lot of fun and gorgeous landscape, as well as some really adorable heartless designs that fit the world’s aesthetics.

Agrabah’s characters keep the party pleased by behaving as Aladdin’s companions rather than just passengers.

This connection is strengthened via a variety of activities and tales, ensuring that everyone has a good time together.

Wonderland is number six.


Wonderland is a fantastic first theme park.

Sora has lately been pushed out of his routine and into a chaotic and insane environment.

There’s no growth or outgrowth here, no talking animals or mapmakers, no cat that only talks in riddles.

It’s the ideal environment, where the player feels as lost and perplexed as Sora.

Because each chamber is essentially a box with flat walls and a flat sky, Wonderland may seem claustrophobic and stuffy.

It’s unquestionably the most PS2-like environment, although it may be on purpose, given that it’s a madhouse.

The game’s disturbing and strange energy comes from the many little riddles strewn around the area, not to mention the chaotic music that echoes throughout the world and reverberates in your ears at night.

All of this contributes to a pleasurable experience.

5. The world’s end


The end of the earth is the next stop on our global tour.

Isn’t it terrifying?

This weird and surreal environment will be an extremely impactful ending to your trip.

On a visual and conceptual level, at least.

The world itself is a tense, dangerous vacuum, a dark cave filled with boss fights and cruel characters.

However, this world is losing some of its clout in this place.

After a time, there are so many boss battles and group fights that it may get exhausting.

This location may boring you a bit unless you’re enthusiastic about the finale. The battles with the larger monsters like Chernabog and Ansem are certainly thrilling and amazing, but the unending Behemoths and Darksides are a little tedious.

You must traverse not just the void of darkness, but also the different halls of other planets you come across along the route, making a last trip to the world before bidding goodbye.

All of this culminates in a reunion with your original home, the Isles of Doom, which have been engulfed by darkness.

Despite its faults, I can’t think of a finer way to wrap out the game.

4. Destiny’s Islands


Destination’s islands

This whole insane adventure started on this peaceful holiday.

There are just a few basic islands with a tiny population.

The Destiny Islands are a lovely tropical paradise. You’ll understand why Sora wants to return here as you explore the island in search of supplies for the raft, and you’ll wonder why Riku wants to go.

The Islands of Destiny play a significant part in Kingdom Hearts III’s concept and storyline. Not just in the first game, but in many others as well.

When you see what Sora is accustomed to, you realize how strange and out of place all the other worlds are.

It’s a surreal sensation to transform from an apparently regular island to a metropolis full of creatures, or to change into a newt underwater.

This is definitely a location where you should plan your trip. You won’t want to go anywhere else with the gorgeous sea, the shady trees, and the catchy primary tune.

As long as it doesn’t turn into a dark, horde-infested nightmare that causes you to miss your flight.

Thank you so much, Ansem…

3. The Town of Halloween


I’ve always felt the Nightmare Before Christmas worlds were the greatest of them. This may be a prejudiced and personal view.

I always look forward to finding them and exploring Halloween Town’s delightfully scary environment.

The eerie, gothic visual style of the original is reflected in every region, texture, design, and so on.

The game features numerous unique aspects, from Sora’s, Donald’s, and Goofy’s new outfits to the feared Heartless, all of which contribute to the joyful mood.

The environment is gorgeous in and of itself, but the narrative is original and linked to the game as a whole, rather than being a rehash of the movie.

Jack Skellington, a horror movie enthusiast, attempts to work with and experiment with the cruel characters in his program.

The other planets dreaded the cruel one and attempted to fight it. That’s why such a change of pace is so intriguing.

2. Traverse City, Michigan


If you ask anybody who played the original Kingdom Hearts, they’ll tell you which world they prefer.

Traverse Town is most likely your solution.

There’s simply something about this planet that makes it so unforgettable. I’m not sure whether it’s because of the art style, the odd architecture, the calm theme music, or anything else, but this city is an essential element of Kingdom Hearts.

It’s a realm that holds the shards of other worlds that have been swallowed by the Heartless and provides safety to those who need it.

After the devastation of the island of Destiny, Sora has arrived. And he encounters other individuals who have had similar experiences.

These individuals assist Sora in progressively comprehending her predicament and directing her in the correct path.

For any RPG fan, seeing all of your favorite Final Fantasy characters again is a real pleasure, and watching them work together even if they never met in their games is a lot of fun.

1. The Bastion of the Hollow


The Hollow Bastion is a setting that forces you to consider the value of your quest and the game itself.

In fact, here is where things start to become serious.

You enter a totally new and unknown planet after visiting numerous Disney worlds.

Dark and ominous.

A lonely destroyed castle with the symbol of the Heartless rises above it.

With one glance, you know your journey is about to take a severe turn.

As you explore the castle’s chambers, you begin to wonder what happened to this destroyed city.

To combat the forces that stand in your path, all you need is a desperate and lonely beast.

There are many thrilling and unforgettable boss battles as Sora’s struggle draws to a conclusion.

This world’s narrative, setting, and atmosphere will serve as a model for all future games.

You might argue that here is where the real heart of Kingdom Hearts starts. So buckle up, because you’re in for an incredible journey.

The all worlds in kingdom hearts 2 is a ranking of all the worlds in the original Kingdom Hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Kingdom Hearts have best worlds?

The best worlds in Kingdom Hearts are the ones that have a lot of exploration, like Twilight Town and Traverse Town.

What worlds are in the first Kingdom Hearts?

The first Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002 and had only one world, Traverse Town.

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