How to beat Anima in The Tower of Babil in Final Fantasy XIV

This guide will cover how to beat Anima in the Tower of Babil, a boss encounter for Final Fantasy XIV. This monster is challenging and if you’re not prepared, it can be difficult without proper strategies.
This strategy utilizes ranged damage with support from melee characters as well as debuff effects that are covered by this article.

The “ffxiv tower of babil guide” is a comprehensive guide to defeating Anima in The Tower of Babil. It includes the strategy, gear, and abilities that you’ll need to defeat her.

Anima, the last boss in Final Fantasy XIV’s The Tower of Babil, is a huge demon you’ll have to battle alongside your team. Anima, on the other hand, has a few more tricks up their sleeves than the other two bosses, so be wary of them and make sure you respond fast to a changing situation. In The Tower of Babil, this is how you defeat Anima.

Following your tank’s engagement, Anima will employ numerous attacks that you should be aware of. The first assault Anima used on us was Lunar Nail. It’s an attack that turns the arena into seven purple pillars. You want to be in the middle of the square, not among the pillars. Phantom Pain will strike everything within these pillars with a large AoE.

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Mega Graviton is another assault to keep an eye out for. At the four corners of the arena, four black holes arise, each attaching themselves to one of the party members. You must go to the other side of the room, away from the black hole that is pursuing you, until the line that connects you two becomes orange. All party members will be pulled to their respective black holes after a few seconds, and if they don’t connect with them, they will not be damaged. Anima may also perform a line AoE attack called Pater Patriae in the middle of the chamber, which you must avoid.

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Boundless Pain is the next attack used by Anima. You’ll see many blue lights pointing towards Anima, as well as a warning at the top of your screen that says, “Anima has started eating souls!” All players will be pulled to the middle of the room at the conclusion of the assault, when a gigantic inescapable AoE will shoot down and continue to fire on that spot. It grows larger over time, causing you and your group to flee to the corner of the room next to Anima to avoid receiving any more harm.

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Erupting Pain is the final significant assault you should be aware of when battling Anima. It’s a targeted AoE strike that targets every member of your party, forcing you to spread out before it hits. This assault will need healers to prepare their AoE and party heals.

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Imperatum is Anima’s major assault that you should be aware of. All party members will be summoned to the middle of the arena after the conclusion of this assault, and you’ll notice a message that says, “A terrifying roar rips at the fabric of reality!” After that, you and your companions will be dragged to another realm to battle another kind of Anima. This form has its own attacks, and a chaos meter has appeared on your screen. If you don’t want the chaos meter to fill up, you’ll have to fight this version of Anima, which is a lot simpler than the original.

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Anima’s first strike is called Obliviating Claw, and it causes nails to emerge on the arena’s west and east sides. In a line AoE assault, these nails move from their side to the area, however there are holes in the formation. To dodge the assault, keep an eye on the west side first, then the east side.

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Another attack performed by this kind of Anima is a variant of Oblivating Claw that targets a single party member. An indication will appear on one of your party members and will follow them around until the attack is fully charged. After then, it transforms into a tiny AoE strike that you must dodge. The assault will then fire a spike from the west to the east side of the chamber, or from east to west.

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When battling Anima in this realm, you need be aware of these two attacks. You’ll return to the original chamber to fight the original Anima after defeating Anima, but not before the altered dimension version assaults your team many times.

All of these attacks should be avoided while fighting Anima. You’ll have finished The Tower of Babil dungeon after you’ve beaten it.

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The “ffxiv tower of babil armor” is a guide on how to beat the boss Anima in The Tower of Babil in Final Fantasy XIV.

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