Halo Infinite Weapon Tier List

Halo Infinite is coming and it looks like the game will be one of the biggest FPS titles in 2019. As a result, there are some changes to weapons that make them more powerful than before. This article will give you an overview of what’s changing with weapon tiers so you’ll know how they stack up against each other on this new map.

The “halo 2 weapon tier list” is a list of weapons in the Halo franchise. The list ranks the weapons by their power and effectiveness.

Weapon Tiers in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite was just launched, and you can play the multiplayer for free. It has a variety of levels and weaponry to choose from. While most weapons and firearms will work well, some will always be superior than others and flourish in a certain game style or terrain. All of this was taken into consideration while creating a Tiers of Weapons for all of the Halo Infinite Guns. We’ll rate weapons from best to worst in our Halo Infinite Weapon Tier List so you’ll know which weapons to use. A strong weapon will undoubtedly offer you an advantage over an opponent and will consistently enable you to be one of your team’s finest players.

Descriptors for Weapon Tier Lists

Overpowered in the S Tier. Weapons and weaponry in Halo Infinite are great in the hands of both new and veteran players.

A tier is the most powerful. Weapons from Halo Infinite that perform very well and are excellent choices on the majority of levels.

B tier: well-balanced Weapons in Halo Infinite that are balanced. These firearms will suffice for casual gameplay in which you are more concerned with having fun than with earning the most kills and/or winning. However, in the right hands, any of them will be more than enough to win.

C Tier – Inadequate. Weapons in Halo Infinite are difficult to use, inflict little damage, and aren’t a good choice for anybody.

Weapon Tier List


Sidekick MK50

The MK50 Sidekick is a pistol that, although being a sidearm, has amazing accuracy. Furthermore, since it has almost little recoil, it fires and reloads incredibly quickly. Overall, this is a fantastic weapon that can be utilized at close to medium range and enables you to easily kite opponents by leaping about while firing.

Carbine Pulse

The Pulse Carbine is a plasma burst cannon with homing bullets that may be used at near to medium range. The weapon has a highly active playstyle that enables you to attempt to evade opposing bullets while also ensuring that they can’t dodge yours if you shoot it correctly. While the slow projectile speed could be a drawback on other weapons, it allows you to fire and instantly hide behind a wall while the missiles home in on the target, making it a S category weapon.

Commando VK78

Because of the flexibility it gives, the VK78 Commando is perhaps the finest weapon in the game. It features a reasonable amount of recoil and a quick reload time, as well as strong damage. While the short to medium range scope is most effective, the long range scope lets you to do damage from a great distance. Overall, this is an incredible weapon for beginners since you don’t need to utilize the scope to defeat adversaries in close and medium range combat.



The Needler is a weapon that launches crystalline shards that track and impale and explode on soft targets. It has a unique gameplay style that enables you to efficiently poke foes by shooting and hiding behind a corner while the crystalline shards bring the adversary down. It’s an excellent weapon for players who struggle with aim since they can shoot and bounce about to avoid opponent fire while the shards inflict damage.


The Heatwave is a light semi-automatic weapon that can shoot both horizontally and vertically, and the number of bullets it shoots is similar to that of a shotgun. It shoots six bullets that bounce off walls in total, and the H/V pattern may be modified at any time by clicking the right mouse button.


The BR75 is a three-round burst rifle that works well in medium-range combat. It’s one of the greatest middle-range weapons, with a fast fire speed and damaging bullets. Enemies will die without being able to respond to your bullets if you fire bursts of rounds into their skulls.



The Skewer is a kinetic weapon that fires a single high-damage spike and has a playstyle similar to sniper rifles (despite not being one). It can take down foes with only body shots, albeit at the expense of very little ammunition. As if the short ammunition wasn’t awful enough, the spikes are really rather difficult to hit, therefore this weapon performs poorly on most levels unless they have a lot of foes in close spots.

Rifle of Shock

The Shock Gun is a semi-automatic rifle that is mostly utilized to help teammates from afar. It fires missiles that arc to adjacent foes on contact, and although it delivers good damage, you’ll have to strike a full health monster with numerous shots.


The SM41 SPNKr is a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher capable of launching high-damage rockets. Because the rockets deliver rather excellent area of effect damage, precision isn’t required; nevertheless, you only get two rockets every reload, so make the most of them! It has a sluggish reloading time and a subpar projectile speed, making it susceptible to close-range strikes. Another thing to keep in mind is that the rockets that burst near to you might do you harm.

Hammer of Gravity

Instead of a rifle, you’ll use the Gravity Hammer, which is a melee weapon. It’s a lot of fun to play with for melee players since it generally one-shots adversaries, but you’ll often die to ranged strikes. Overall, this is a fairly situational weapon that will struggle against ranged foes on large terrain.


The Ravager is a burst-firing plasma weapon with a lot of splash damage. It’s fantastic for novices since it can kill most adversaries with only two bullets. If you can land a complete burst to the enemy’s head, they will die immediately, however this may be difficult to perform against foes that are at medium to long range and aggressively attempting to evade your bullets.

S7 Sniper

If you receive a bullet to the head, the S7 Sniper can one-shot foes; otherwise, you’ll need two body shots to take them down. The sniper performs well in both scoped and hip-fire modes, allowing you to kill adversaries from afar while still defending oneself in close combat. The biggest disadvantage of the S7 Sniper is that if you press RMB to enter scoped mode and are struck by an adversary, the scoped mode will be disabled automatically.

Bulldog CQS48

The CQS48 Bulldog is a close-quarters shotgun with a seven-bullet magazine and semi-automatic firing mode. This weapon will be most useful to those who understand map layouts well enough to place themselves in close range of the adversaries.

Assault Rifle MA40

The MA40 AR is the game’s most general, jack-of-all-trades weapon. It’s a fully automatic gun that’ll work in a variety of settings, but it’ll be limited in terms of damage since it’s designed for close to medium range fighting. Overall, a well-balanced weapon that will be ideal for those who are just getting started in Halo Infinite and want to improve their skills.


Pistol with Plasma

The Plasma Handgun is a generic pistol that is largely ineffective in most situations. The pistol has poor damage and a slow shooting speed, so it won’t be enough to burst out an opponent, and by the time you get near enough, you’ll be low on life. It can charge up a shot that takes away the enemy’s shields, which might be useful in encounters if you’re aiding your allies, but that’s about it.

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The “halo infinite ais” is the weapon tier list for Halo Infinite. The list includes weapons that are available in the game, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

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