TSMC Confirms It’s Collaborating with Sony for a $7 Billion Fab in Japan

TSMC is working with Sony to build a new semiconductor fabrication facility in Japan, valued at $7 billion. The collaboration will create hundreds of jobs and enhance the industry’s competitiveness globally.

TSMC Confirms It’s Collaborating with Sony for a $7 Billion Fab in Japan. TSMC is the third-largest semiconductor foundry in the world, and it has just confirmed that it’s collaborating with Sony to build a new fab.

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In a press statement, TSMC confirmed that it has formed a joint venture with Sony to form a new subsidiary called Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc. When completed in 2024, the cooperation will result in the construction of a new $7 billion fab in Japan that will mass manufacture chips using 22 and 28 nm techniques. One of its main objectives is to assist in alleviating the continuing worldwide chip scarcity.

TSMC’s statement:

Construction on JASM’s fab in Japan is set to commence in the calendar year 2022, with production beginning by the end of 2024. The fab is projected to directly employ around 1,500 high-tech professionals and produce 45,000 12-inch wafers each month. With considerable assistance from the Japanese government, the first capital investment is anticipated to reach over US$7 billion.

“The digital revolution of more and more parts of human existence is providing enormous potential for our customers, and they depend on our speciality processes that connect digital and real life,” stated TSMC CEO Dr. CC Wei. “We are thrilled to have the assistance of a major company and a long-time client, Sony, in supplying the market with a brand-new fab in Japan, and we are also looking forward to bringing more Japanese talent into the TSMC family.”

“We anticipate our relationship with TSMC will help to secure a consistent supply of logic wafers, not just for us but for the whole industry, while the global semiconductor scarcity is projected to last longer.” “We feel that developing and enhancing our relationship with TSMC, which possesses the world’s best semiconductor manufacturing technology, is incredibly important for the Sony Group,” said Terushi Shimizu, President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.

TSMC is also aiming to develop a new chip facility in Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s third most populous city, according to prior reports. Unlike the recently announced fab in Japan, it will create more sophisticated (6 and 7 nm) chips.

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