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In this article, we will be going over the best custom note block mods for Minecraft. These are all free and easy to install.

The beat saber mod assistant is a custom note block that allows users to create their own mods. It can be used in any game that has note blocks, such as Minecraft or Terraria.

Nothing beats the feeling of slicing through a stylish note block with a swing of your motion controllers.

It’s like playing with bubble wrap! It never ceases to amaze me.

Unless it happens.

Beat Saber enthusiasts have halved so many cubes by now that you’d need a PhD in mathematics to keep up. You start to want some additional incentive to keep hitting the blocks after so many swings.

It’s now simpler than ever to add some unique items into your virtual environment, including blocks, thanks to the Beat Saber Mod Assistant.

These custom block modifications are a fantastic way to add some variety to Beat Saber, whether you’re playing on Easy or finessing the most severe Expert+ songs.


10. Minecraft Blocks That Have Been Randomized

Randomized Minecraft Blocks / Beat Saber mod

Take a Look At This Mod

First and foremost, there’s the necessary Minecraft mod.

It’s not possible to have a rating without it!

Wolfy’s Randomized Minecraft Blocks does exactly what it says on the tin: it replaces each note with one of over 200 different block textures from the wildly popular sandbox game.

Everything from a simple dirt block to solid gold, and everything in between, may be found among these textures.

While each block has a dot or arrow to indicate which way it should be sliced, the randomness tends to make the environment confusing. If you’re looking for a high score, stay away from this one.


Notes from a Cursed Centipede

Cursed Centipede Notes Block Mod for Beat Saber

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Bobby’s Cursed Centipede Notes is another note mod you should avoid if you’re easily distracted.

Beat Saber is transformed into a weird horror game as a result.

Not only do these blocks all have beautiful, shapely legs, but they’re also all animated, so you’ll witness a swarm of them charging toward you throughout the song.

Strings of blocks will always resemble the Human Centipede, which may encourage you to slash at them.

Alternatively, you might look at the same author’s T-Pose blocks. They’re both creepy and amusing.


Drip Notes (#8)

Drip Notes Beat Saber mod screenshot

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Our following post has lower extremities as well, but they aren’t your typical legs.

The drop on these notes is insane.

These blocks each have 10 times the swagger of a standard note.

Have you seen those Nike sneakers? Don’t imagine for a second that you’d be able to pull them off with this much panache.

These remarks should appeal to Among Us aficionados in particular — after all, these blocks seem to be a little sinister. These were inspired by an existing Among Us Drip design.


Bullet Kin Notes #7

Bullet Kin Notes Mod For Beat Saber

Take a Look At This Mod

Dodge Roll’s tough-as-nails Enter the Gungeon is my personal favorite.

I can now even murder bullet kin while wearing my VR headset and playing Beat Saber.

Bobby’s mod replaces your notes with some Enter the Gungeon rank-and-file adversaries, recreated in a 3D voxel model with the same appeal as its pixelated 2D version.

Cut them in half and they become lovely and funny.

When a block is cut, I want they would play the cute bullet kin dying sound.

If any modders happen to be reading this, I just gave you a free million likes idea.


6. The Neon Fork

Neon Fork Blocks / Beat Saber mod

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Consider AdameK1926’s Neon Fork notes for something a little more conventional but no less attractive.

Bright cyan and gold lights shine through the black boxes, creating a streamlined look reminiscent of TRON.

The appearance of these blocks is similar to that of a bitcoin trading platform. They have really put the “block” in “blockchain”!

If you spend the most of your time refreshing Binance, you should get them.

The same designer also provides two more neon note variations: one with a double arrow design and another with a minimalist pointer.


5. Don-Remarks chan’s

Don-chan Note Blocks mod for Beat Saber

Take a Look At This Mod

Rhythm game fans may know the mascot from Taiko no Tatsujin, a Japanese classic.

Namco’s famous arcade drumming game has become a fixture of arcades, allowing it to spread well beyond Japan’s boundaries.

Bobby’s block mod contains both normal drum notes and Don-chan, the game’s anthropomorphic taiko drum mascot, who takes the place of arrow blocks.

If you can’t get enough of smacking Don-cute chan’s mug for points, this is the game for you.


Notes about Osu!

Osu! Note Blocks / Beat Saber mod

Take a Look At This Mod

The renowned game is described on Osuwebsite !’s as “the bestest free-to-win rhythm game,” which I believe is quite true.

Osu! is playable by anybody with a good computer and a mouse.

This has won it the affection of players all around the globe, particularly among anime fans. If you’re a fan of Osu!, these Osu! Notes will make you feel right at home.

Uiop327 went above and above by including an animated hit circle that closes in on the note as it approaches, emulating Osu’s own animations.


3. Arrows in various colors

Colored Arrow Blocks mod for Beat Saber

Take a Look At This Mod

Many modders, I know, prefer to tweak their gaming experience somewhat rather than totally alter it by, example, adding legs and Nike shoes to their note blocks.

These stylish and simple Colored Arrows by DomeVR are the way to go if you’re searching for a subtle upgrade that’ll add some originality to your block slashing pastime.

These black blocks with bright cyan and green accents remind me of Monster Energy drinks.

Perhaps if you post them on your YouTube channel, you’ll be able to receive compensated sponsorship? It can’t hurt to give it a go!


2. Notes on Cats

Cat Note Blocks / Beat Saber mod

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Cats have always been an important element of online culture.

I adore these, and I’m sure you will as well, so have a look at’s beautiful Cat Notes.

These adorable neon-colored kitty blocks feature small ears and tails!

You’ll be captivated by their attractiveness for a while until you give up attempting to pet the blocks and start slicing them.

This set includes a befuddled-looking cat and a vacant-looking kitty that makes me feel somewhat inadequate the longer I stare at it. Isn’t it true that I’m not amusing you, chonker?


1. Notes on Headcrabs

Headcrab Note Blocks / Beat Saber mod

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The Headcrab, a parasitic lifeform from space that plays a major part in Valve’s hugely famous first-person shooter Half-Life, will surely be familiar to fans of Valve’s massively influential first-person shooter Half-Life.

Headcrabs are similar to ticks in that they adhere to your head.

They then take over your nervous system and transform you into a flesh puppet. Do you want to start chopping yet?

These Thijinmens blocks are nice and meaty, making them ideal for a little Halloween gaming.

Combine this with the Crowbar Sabers for the ultimate Half-Life experience.

The best beat saber mods for quest 2 is a list of the best custom note block mods. These mods are all free and can be added to any game that supports Minecraft Forge.

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