Sea of Thieves – Cannon Rowboat combat strategies

The voyage to find the Tomb of Roenadu has been a wild ride for Sea of Thieves players. Players have discovered some creative and strategic ways to overcome obstacles on their journey, from cannon rowboats to swimming with sharks.

“Sea of Thieves – Cannon Rowboat combat strategies” is a topic that has been trending recently. This article will give you some tips on how to survive the naval combat in Sea of Thieves.

The Cannon Rowboat is the smallest armed watercraft in Sea of Thieves and was released as part of Season Five. Cannon Rowboats, like rowboats without guns, may spawn on any Island (minus Outposts and Seaposts). Knowing how to efficiently deploy Cannon Rowboats in battle may make or break your Sea of Thieves PvP experience. Here are some suggestions and methods to help you get the most out of your battle efforts.

Combat Strategies and Techniques

Stock Up

Running out of Cannonballs or food in the midst of a combat is one of the worst things that can happen in Sea of Thieves. As soon as you get the chance, load up your Cannon Rowboat Chest with food and ammunition. If you believe you’ll need it, you may also carry an additional Storage Crate with supplies on board.

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Make use of two people

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The Cannon Rowboat is best utilized in pairs, with one rowing and the other firing the cannon. Apart from the obvious benefit of being able to maneuver and fire at the same time, you’ll also be able to escape the Cannon Rowboat’s shooting knockback. To avoid knockback, have the person rowing grip the brakes. Knockback, on the other hand, might be advantageous in certain situations since it allows for rapid and simple moving and avoiding. To increase your agility, communicate with your shipmate.

Make Yourself Smaller

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If you’re on a Cannon Rowboat, try to make yourself a narrow target if you’re fighting a bigger ship. Towards all times, try to maintain the front of your Cannon Rowboat pointing at the opposing vessel. Point your boat straight towards the enemy guns if one person is on the hostile cannons. Some players may not realize it, but moving your boat parallel to an opponent ship makes you broader and easier to attack from the adversary’s viewpoint.

To Increase Firepower, Dock

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The Cannon is a cannon that is used to By docking your rowboat onto the rear of your ship, you may boost its total firepower. Simply row all the way to the rear of your ship and wait for the prompt to arrive. You’ll get access to the rowboat’s additional gun after you’ve docked. On a Sloop, this may be quite handy since it basically doubles your firepower on one side. However, due of its accessibility, we propose docking it to a Brigantine. You may simply jump over the back instead of running down and around to get there. If the chance arises, you may even land into an enemy ship and shoot at their comrades.

Flank and Distract

Make the most of your mobile cannon. If you’re part of a bigger crew that goes into battle, send one or two individuals to flank the opposing ship in order to deliver damage and distract them. The ideal position to take is behind the hostile ship. You’ll be safe from their guns here, and at least one adversary will have to drop everything and come battle you. As your more heavily armored vessel continues the attack, this might provide your crew a significant edge in battle.

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Infiltrate Ships

The Cannon Rowboat, like the regular Rowboat, is helpful for infiltrating onboard enemy ships. It’s really quiet, enabling you to row up to the rear of an enemy’s ship and dock there. The Cannon Rowboat, unlike the ordinary Rowboat, allows you to fire yourself onto or near an opposing vessel. However, since the shot will be loud, you’ll need to be a long distance away. Even so, the opposition crew will almost certainly be on high alert. Once on board, you have the option of snatching some treasure and fleeing, or wreaking devastation with firearms and Firebombs.

Make Simple Escapes

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If you run into PvP difficulty, the Cannon Rowboat’s transportable firepower may help you get out quickly. If you have a Cannon Rowboat parked on the rear of your ship and an enemy ship is following you, make sure you have some Chainshot in your inventory. Then, with your Cannon Rowboat undocked, spin around, and use the Chainshot to knock down the other ship’s masts. Simply jump into the sea, grab a Mermaid, and teleport back to your ship after that’s done. Your Cannon Rowboat will be destroyed, but you should have been able to make a daring escape. Just make sure you don’t miss any of your shots.

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