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Loop Hero has the potential to be an excellent Switch game, but it suffers from some significant technical issues. Ultimately, Loop Hero is a solid effort and worth playing for fans of endless runners that offer more than just a simple race track with jumping challenges.

Loop Hero is a Switch game that was released on the Nintendo eShop in July of 2018. It has been reviewed favorably by many sources, including IGN and GameSpot.

Loop Hero turned out to be one of the year’s greatest shocks. One of the first things I thought after purchasing this game, which was originally published exclusively via the Epic Game Store on PC, was “this would be wonderful on Switch.” It turned out that all I had to do was wait a few months for Devolver Digital to respond to my requests. Thankfully, I was correct, and Loop Hero on-the-go exceeded my expectations.


What do you mean you have no recollection!?

Loop Hero is a 16-bit auto-runner, dungeon crawler, and roguelike, as detailed in Jordan’s review of the PC edition. Every time you play the game, the map resets into a fresh loop that is constructed differently. Depending on how much you’ve improved your camp, you’ll start with little to no equipment. Each run’s ultimate aim is to complete the circle, kill the monster, and live a happy life.

It’s up to you how to build up the loop on each run, adding meadows to raise how much is healed on each successful pass of go to make your life both easier and tougher. Adding mountains boosts your health, while different monster dwellings increase the number of opponents you’ll face on each loop, resulting in more riches. Monsters drop items as well as space cards. The cards will be used to add items to the map, and the gear will be utilized to make each loop feasible. Defense, Damage, Evasion Chance, Vampirism (Lifesteal) Percentage, and more are all improved by gear.


It’s just loop six, but it’s already beginning to seem a little daunting.

So there you have it, a brief overview of Loop Hero. Little has changed in terms of the game itself. The Switch version includes all of the same features as the PC version, but adds something unique to the Switch platform. This refers to the ability to utilize the touch screen on the machine. While I haven’t used it much, it’s a great way for anybody who isn’t accustomed to playing with a mouse to speed up the game. I discovered that using one of the touch screen pens (the ones with the rubber balls on the end) worked much better for me than using my finger since my hand was in the way and I couldn’t see where I was placing things correctly.


There are twice as many loops as there are madness.

The visuals haven’t altered all that much, as previously stated. For its 16-bit aesthetic, this is one of the finest games. In battle, each enemy seems to be distinct, yet in the overworld, they all appear to be the same. It’s still possible to see what’s coming up, but the simpler designs make it easier to see what opponents are coming up and how many there are. The soundtrack is likewise in keeping with the game’s theme. It’s straightforward, yet in a manner that suits Loop Hero’s aesthetic. The music is well-crafted and adds to the creepiness and mystery of the loops.


You may receive a ghost by killing an adversary near a cemetery. You can kill a ghost and receive a ghost of a ghost near two graveyards.

Loop Hero is a true Switch release that works nicely with both the controller and the touch screen. The game is fully updated, and for those who didn’t finish it on PC, it’s a terrific game to play on the move with the ability to stop or pause whenever necessary. Despite the fact that the PC version of the game was released nine months ago, I’m sure I’ve spent more time playing Loop Hero on the Switch already.


Loop Hero looks nothing like a “ugly game,” from the simple designs on the main board to the well-done visuals in battle and conversation. The main disadvantage is that you’re playing on a little screen, and these maps may become extremely crowded.

One of the most intriguing auto-battle games ever. While you’re never anxious because you can pause at any moment and plan what’s next, you’re nearly never able to halt what’s happening.

While the music is simple and the sound effects are repetitious, it often works in the game’s favor. Plus, nobody uses the Switch with sound unless they’re docked or playing a narrative game with voice acting?

I’m sure there are games like Loop Hero out there, but none that I’m aware of, and certainly none that take the kind of game as far as Loop Hero does.

Final Score: 8.5

On PC and Nintendo Switch, Loop Hero is now available.

On the Nintendo Switch, a review was conducted.

The publisher gave me with a copy of Loop Hero.

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Loop Hero is an action-adventure game for the Nintendo Switch. The game has a very interesting and unique art style that’s worth checking out. It also has a good amount of content for its price point. Reference: loop hero switch physical.

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