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There are always bugs in game and sometimes they break. However, the Fallout games have a bug that prevents players from advancing past certain points in their playthroughs. This is an exploit, so we will fix it!

The “fallout 4 permanent perception loss” is a bug that has been present since the launch of Fallout 4. Bethesda has released a patch to fix this issue.

The post underneath the “Easy Solution” paragraph is not mine, but I can confirm that it works on PS4 as least as of 12/1/21.

TLDR: If your PipBoy data show that your Perception is (-1), you were definitely poisoned and took MedX at some time.

(1) GET A PIECE OF “POISONER’S” LEGENDARY ARMOR (hey…not that simple, but you’re a pro, right?!) (2) EQUIP IT and enter the glistening sea (only bc there are RadScorpions aplenty there) (3) BECOME RADSCORPION POISONED (in my case). Bloatflies do not seem to be effective. If you receive the green squiggly lines on your body, you’ve been poisoned. (4) GO INTO YOUR PIPBOY AND REMOVE YOUR POISONER’S ARMOR BEFORE THE POISONED CONDITION ENDS, BEFORE THE POISONED CONDITION ENDS. BE FAST, since it seems to be 6s. (5) FINALLY, REEQUIP IT. Repeat this process until your SPECIAL stats are at the correct number.

None of the text below is mine, but I can attest that it works as of 12/1/21: EDIT: RalLuwen - Perception (-1) bug fix!

The material following was written by u/RalLuwen.

Temporary Perception Debuff “Permanent” It’s possible to take advantage of a bug to get a permanent increase or fix.

This problem seems to have been reported when a person gets poisoned by a Radscorpion (or Stingwing), then consumes Med-X before the poison wears off, resulting in a permanent negative value being assigned to the temporary component of the actor’s perception value.

The terminal call “player.getvalueinfo perception” will show you this value, as well as other contributing components to the actor value, such as “Modifiers: Temp: #.##…” This “Temp” modifier should be 0 when there are no effects (including addictions), however it may not be owing to this problem.

I looked through the Creation Kit and discovered that radscorpion poison has a 5 percent reduction in perception, which is offset by poison resist. Med-X also provides 250 poison resistance, which is why the problem arises.

The poison seems to apply a -5 to the temporary component of the perceptive actor value at first, then a +5 as it fades, resulting in a net result of zero. However, if it applies -5 initially, then poison resist improves (i.e. from Med-X), when it fades, it will apply a positive number scaled by the resist, resulting in a net outcome smaller than zero. As a result, the temporary value becomes permanently lowered.

As temporary values are controlled by the game itself, there is no straightforward terminal command fix for this.

However, it turns out that we can use this to not only reverse the impact, but also to provide a permanent positive value. To do this, we’ll need a poison resist before getting poisoned, and then we’ll need to remove that resist before the poison takes effect. Poisoner’s legendary armor (+25 poison resistance) is the simplest method to achieve this.

If the player equips the armor before being poisoned, the poison applies a negative value to the temporary part of perception scaled by the resist such that it is less than 5, then removes the resist while the poison is still active (4s duration, so be quick), the poison dissipates, and the recovery part of the effect adds the full 5 (as it is no longer resisted) to the temporary value for a net result greater than 0. As a result, the temporary value becomes permanently enhanced. The bug above is the polar opposite of the issue above.

Once the poison has worn off and the positive net value has been applied, just reequip the poisoner piece, be poisoned again, remove the piece, and recover to get another permanent bonus.

In the glowing sea, I repeated this with just a single piece of poisoner gear and a few deathskull radscorps, and went from -12.08 (-5 from chem withdraw, -7.08 apparently from the bug) temporary perception to +1.13 in a short time.

I also noticed in the Creation Kit that stingwings venom affects agility as well as perception, so this could potentially be used for both stats at the same time with stingwings, though I haven’t tried it.

I also didn’t test the impact of using more than one Poisoner’s piece, but using numerous pieces should considerably speed up the process.

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The “survival special bug remover” is a mod for Fallout 4 that fixes the “Perception (-1)” bug. It was created by a member of the Bethesda community and has been confirmed to work on all platforms.

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