How to get every MCU Skin in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamers like to collect and level up their favorite characters, but it’s hard when every time they get a new character in the game, he or she has his own set of armor. So let’s make this easy for you: go through the levels until you have reached The Collector on planet Xonnox. Then use your Power Stone to open him so that all of his granddaughters are unlocked! Yay!

The “guardians of the galaxy game pre order bonus” is a feature that can be found in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The “xbox one guardians of the galaxy game pre order bonus” is an easy way to get every MCU Skin in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Eidos Montreal’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy allows fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to dress up in outfits inspired by the films’ screen adaptations. Within the exciting action-adventure game, you may play as Chris Pratt’s version of Starlord, but just his appearance, not his voice. Every Guardian gets their unique MCU-inspired attire, which will please fans of the characters from their big-screen appearances.

Throughout the game, purple crates contain all of the MCU skins. They’re off the beaten road, yet the majority are simple to discover. Thankfully, there is a chapter choice option, so even if you miss one throughout your game, getting the MCU outfit you want in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy shouldn’t take long. During cutscenes, keep hitting circle to skip conversation and avoid as many encounters as possible.


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During Chapter 6 of the tale, the protagonist’s MCU skin may be found in Knowhere. Turn right after Starlord’s interaction with Lipless at the bar and continue until you notice pink roots surrounding another bar. Among the moss, pink crystals have formed. When you get close to the building, turn left. You’ll witness some youngsters acting as though they’re about to shoot each other. Interacting with them will result in the thief stealing your money. Jump over the guardrail and onto the red pipes. Starlord’s MCU outfit may be seen on the left.


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In Chapter 4, feel the strength of former WWE champion Dave Bautista inside Drax’s MCU suit. When you return to Lady Hellbender’s throne chamber, look to the left for a purple treasure box. To get there, you’ll have to climb the red ramp and leap over.


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Groot’s MCU attire may be found early on in the game, in Chapter 1. Finish the cutscene after you locate the golden infinity stone and see a giant black entity you barely escape from, then turn right until you find a hole inside the pink mess. You’ll discover a room full with yellow boxes if you crawl through the little entryway. A purple box may be seen on the right side, ready to be opened. It’s one of the most accessible MCU skins in the game. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to hear Vin Diesel’s rich voice in the game.

Rocket Raccoon is a raccoon who lives in

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Rocket states that there is a dead end on the right side in the early parts of Chapter 1. Rather of listening to him, go that road, but stop at the broken down purple ship on the right before continuing along the metal skeleton path. Its roof has a hole in it. You’ll discover Rocket’s MCU skin in a chest if you go below it.


Finally, Gamora’s MCU skin can be found in Chapter 3 of the game. After mounting the red resistance ship, you’ll find this treasure in the region. Turn right of the distinctively alien red curly building after speaking with Gamora about a monster’s tracks.

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Continue on the journey, collecting the fundamental components before turning left. You’ll find a hole covered in blue vegetation into which you may crawl.

Enter the cave and turn right (don’t worry about the unknown goo). Continue down that trail until you come upon some moss to destroy. To get inside, use a charged shot. You’ll now come face to face with one of the awful jelly monsters. Because Starlord is alone, use a charged shot to eliminate them. Now you must shoot the white moss in order to disclose a secret path.


After crossing the chasm, sneak through the break in the wall. Once you’ve climbed to the upper level, you’ll uncover a purple chest with Gamora’s MCU skin.

How do I change costumes?

To change your Guardian’s attire, go to the character menu, choose your favorite Guardian, and hit the triangle button (Y on Xbox or X on the Nintendo Switch). You can now make the Guardians of the Galaxy appear like the characters from the film.

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