How to enter the Great Library in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – The Broken Crown quest

In the quest “The Great Library,” players have to break into a library that has locks on its doors and windows. The only way in is by using one of two books, both written by the same author, which you can find at the start. Playing through this section will teach you how to enter most other libraries as well!

The “kingdoms of amalur re reckoning translations” is a quest in the game where the player has to enter the Great Library. To do this, they must find an entrance that leads into the library and then go through a series of rooms until they reach the room with the spell book.

The Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Fatesworn DLC is set in Mithros, a new location in the Faelands. Along with the typical side missions and armor sets, it provides around six hours of new plot material. The Broken Crown quest, charged with visiting the Great Library, may be found along this primary plot route. Our instructions below will assist you in entering the restricted area without creating any problems.

The Broken Crown is a mission that comes after the Sins of the Father quest and requires you to talk with Wynn Ashman. Although Ashman informs you about the Great Library’s prohibited stacks, she is unable to assist you. This dialogue takes place outside of the Great Library’s grounds.

Getting inside the restricted zone

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You may enter the Great Library’s main hall after chatting with Ashman, which houses some visitors and six guards in total. A gate with two guards standing in front of it can be found at the far end of the chamber. You can’t talk to the guards and persuade them to allow you in. You can only get in with the limited key.

You can murder all of the library guards and take the key from one of their corpses, but this will result in a criminal reward being placed on your head. Fortunately, even if you aren’t running a finesse build, there is a completely valid method to get it with no consequences.

Only one of the six guards is in possession of the essential key. The guard in question is the one positioned to the left of the gate, in front of the book shelf. Outside of the two guards that defend the gate, he is the only one who does not follow a patrol routine. He has remained perfectly still. To begin your plan of attack, use R1 on PlayStation or the right bumper on Xbox to enter stealth mode at the far end of the book shelf away from the guard.

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Even if it seems that no one noticed you enter stealth mode, you may detect an eye indicator over many NPCs in the vicinity. As NPCs become increasingly aware of your presence, the eye fills up and changes from orange to red, indicating awareness. If this occurs, just wait until NPC awareness starts to dwindle at the end of the book shelf. As long as you remain out of sight and do nothing, it will happen.

After that, approach the guard gently from behind. The patrol routes of two guards lead them to the walkway in front of the guard you need to steal from. This section is mostly trial and error. Save your game in stealth mode and wait for a period of time when the other guards aren’t too near. You have a fair chance even if their awareness starts to fill up, as long as they aren’t in the red.

While in stealth, use the button prompt that appears on screen to take the key. This opens an inventory window with a list of everything he owns. The probability of getting captured is indicated by the percentage next to the item. If the percentage is less than 50%, we advocate going for the steal. The amount of awareness of everyone in the room has an impact on this possibility. If you’re caught, just reload your saved game. After you’ve obtained the key, you may access the Great Library’s restricted section without fear of being prosecuted for illegal conduct.

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