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Farming Simulator 19 is a game that lets you create your own farm and manage it. The game has been out for a while now, but there are still some mods to be found on the internet. Here are the best ones I have found so far.

The farming simulator 19 square bale wrapper mod is a mod that allows the user to plant and harvest multiple corn stalks at one time. It also has a variety of other features such as adding fertilizer, planting seeds, using the harvester, etc.

Subsoilers are an excellent method to reclaim that land.

After you’ve finished laying out the field, you may start planting or fertilizing as needed. However, without a subsoiler, you won’t be able to grow more than one crop (excluding sugarcane, which doesn’t need replanting).

It, because this machine is almost mandatory, let’s look at a few subsoiler modifications that will not only help you get back to planting quicker, but will also make you look good while doing so.


9. Corona Kerner 500

Kerner Corona 500 Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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This subsoiler is a total of 5 meters wide, and it needs a tractor with at least 210 horsepower to move it.

It’s green and yellow in color, so it goes with the John Deere machinery in the game (or even the modded John Deere stuff).

This is a typical disk type subsoiler with a rear clod smashing wheel. It also features a front row of rippers to break up even the toughest terrain.

This gives the field a tidy appearance.


Field Creator Pack No. 8

Field Creator Pack Mod for FS19

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All of the subsoilers from the basic game are included in this collection of subsoilers.

So why would you need a subsoiler pack that you already own?

Well, this modder has added a few modifications to them that make these vanilla subsoilers worth re-downloading.

To begin with, their default operating speed has been adjusted to a more realistic level. They become considerably quicker as a result of this.

There’s now the ability to alter the color of the subsoilers, so you can now paint them whatever color you wish.

Finally, they all have the ability to create fields now.

If you’ve ever used a plough for that purpose, you’ll appreciate how useful this function is.


Bednar Terraland Pack, no. 7

Bednar Terraland Pack FS19 Mod

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Another great set of spoilers to check out is this one.

A subsoiler, fertilizer, and fertilizer tank at the front of the tractor are included with the Bednar Terraland kit. They’re all the same bright yellow hue as the Fastrac tractors.

The nice thing about this pack is that it everything connects together so you can do everything except planting in one go.

Because this mod needs a pretty big tractor to pull, this saves you a lot of time and fuel with your tractor.


815. Lizard6

Lizard815 Mod for Farming Simulator 19

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While this isn’t the biggest subsoiler you’ve ever seen, it’s a difficult one.

If the design is any indication, this is an earlier type chisel plow.

This subsoiler also comes in your choice of color and has a working width of 6.5 meters. This subsoiler can also construct fields, although it requires a tractor of a reasonable size to do it.

A 210-horsepower engine is suggested. Although this may seem to be a large amount, most subsoilers of this size need at least twice as much.


5. Raster Bandeirante H9

Bandeirante Raster H9 FS19 Mod screenshot

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If you’re searching for the best subsoilers, look no further.

This Bandeirante disk subsoiler includes a primary row of disks for cutting into the soil, a secondary row of rippers for plowing deep into the soil, and lastly a row of compactors to smooth things up after you’re through.

It has a working width of 5.5 meters and needs a tractor with at least 350 horsepower to draw and operate with.


Agromatax SM-3 is the fourth product in the Agromatax series.

Agromatax SM-3 Mod for FS19

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Here’s a lot more straightforward subsoiler design (for mods, at least).

This one features a primary row of long rippers with a clod buster in front of them. It has a working width of 3 meters and must be pulled by a tractor with at least 140 horsepower.

Unlike most other subsoilers, this one attaches straight to the three-point hitch.

This implies you can pick it up and carry it off the ground. You don’t have to tow it around like a trailer, though.

This means a faster turnaround time and less time in the field.


3. Agromulch Agrisem 6M

Agrisem Agromulch 6M FS19 Mod

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This ripper-style subsoiler has all the features you’re looking for in a subsoiler.

It’s set up with a primary row of rippers and a set of clod busters behind it. It also has a working width of 6 meters (which is very good), but to pull it while working, your tractor must have at least 240 horsepower.

The fact that this subsoiler folds up when not in use is a plus.

Because it takes up less room in your equipment storage shed, it is much simpler to store.

It’s also simpler to get in and out of fields, particularly ones with gates or fencing, since it can fold up fast.


Sicma Bronty 3000 is a second-place finisher.

Sicma Bronty 3000 Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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At first sight, this little blue subsoiler may not seem to be much. However, it possesses a few distinguishing characteristics that make it eligible for this list.

While not everyone will be pleased by all of these features, I can confidently guarantee that this mod will at the very least complement your new Holland tractors.

The roller is optional on this subsoiler, which makes it distinctive.

When you don’t use it, the soil seems plowed.

When you do use it, though, the dirt is left in a much more uniform condition. It’s also very cool that the texture varies depending on whether or not the roller is connected.

Most modders don’t thought this far ahead while creating their modifications. However, props for the realism in the details.


1. Chisel Plow by Kotte Garant

Kotte Garant Chisel Plow Mod for FS19

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The last mod on our list is a simple ripper.

It’s compact, just requires a basic tractor, and has a different operating pattern than other subsoilers – which, depending on your needs, may be advantageous.

This subsoiler features two rippers that are separated by one row.

That means it’ll either blast through the rows or skip one at a time. This is helpful for providing your fields a more open appearance or for a unique method of doing a task.

The fs19 biggest plow ps4 is a mod that allows users to use the largest and most powerful plows in Farming Simulator 19.

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