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Final Fantasy XV offers some interesting equipment that may be found throughout the game. Here are three items you might not know about and how to find them!

Final Fantasy XV is a game with a lot of different accessories that characters can equip. The “final fantasy xv best accessories for each character” will help you find the best accessory for your favorite character.


These supplementary pieces of gear, which are perhaps even more significant than armor, are known for their vast range of advantages.

These include things like increased hit points, attack, and element and status effect immunity — all the nice stuff.

Final Fantasy XV has a large number of accessories, well over forty.

So, which are the ones worth looking for?

Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.


The tenth badge is the Stamina Badge.

Sprinting about at high speed is not only entertaining, but it also gets you to your destination quicker.

The sprint is an important aspect of Noctis’ mobility, especially in dungeons and before you have chocobos or the off-road Regalia.

However, it comes at a price: stamina.

Noctis, as shown in most recent games, can only run for so long before needing to rest — or at least, he used to.

The Stamina Badge prevents the loss of stamina, allowing our Lucian Prince to run as much as he desires at any moment.

If you play with the Stamina Badge for a time, you’ll miss it terribly when you have to take it off — if you ever have to.

It’s included in the Holiday+ pack, which is included with both the Windows and Royal versions of the game.


Fanfare by Blitzer

Blitzer’s Fanfare Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

After each combat, the crew is given a score based on three factors: time, finesse, and offense.

If you achieve an A or above, you’ll be awarded with some extra AP, which is fantastic! It’s the ideal motivation to ensure you complete fights quickly, powerfully, and stylishly.

How could things possibly be any better?

The Blitzer’s Fanfare is an item that gives you an additional two AP if you obtain an A or higher in the Time category (which is the simplest to master).

That means you’ll gain three AP instead of one for any minor encounter you have with scorpions or monsters — and trust me, it adds quickly.

Before you know it, you’ll have all those gleaming powers!

It’s included in the Holiday+ pack, which is included with both the Windows and Royal versions of the game.


Ring of Resistance, no. 8

Ring of Resistance Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

Isn’t it fun to play with magic?

It’s fantastic to be able to send out a Quintcast of Firagas and Thundagas with a power level of 500!

It not only looks great, but it also deals a lot of harm. The main drawback is that magic can’t tell the difference between friend and foe in most cases.

This implies that any of Noctis’ companions who are caught in the explosion will suffer the same amount of damage, which is awful.

The Resistance Ring is here to assist you.

This Ring, which is essentially a must-have item for every aspiring magician, ensures that there is no friendly fire when it comes to magic.

You may cast as many times as you wish! It doesn’t matter whether you cast the spells at Ignis’ feet!

Don’t worry, none of your pals will suffer as a result of your antics.

It’s included in the Holiday+ pack, which is included with both the Windows and Royal versions of the game.


Nixperience Band is a band that has a lot of experience.

Nixperience Band Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV’s XP system differs from that of previous Final Fantasy games.

Experience is accumulated like cash, and then spent anytime the group stops at a motel or camp, rather than earning and applying it at the same time.

This implies you should wait until you arrive at a location with an experience modifier, like Galdin Bay’s double or Altissia’s triple experience hotels.

It’s not simple, however, to hold on to that memory.

You’ll have to stay in a hotel or camp out at some time.

The Nixperience Band, on the other hand, ensures that all of your banked EXP remains with you until you’re ready!

It’s a device that prevents experience from being applied while you sleep, making it much simpler to accumulate points and spend them where they’re needed.

You can get from 1 to 100 in a single night if you play your cards correctly.

How to get it: It’s part of the Holiday Pack, which you can get for free (for all versions of the game).


Charm of the Moogle

Moogle Charm Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

Here’s the Moogle Charm, which is all about experience!

The Moogle Charm enhances experience gain by 20% and is one of the few comments the kupo crew receives in Final Fantasy XV.

This is incredible in and of itself, but having it equipped all the time means you’ll get a ton of experience.

However, when paired with significant experience boosts from cooking, you may almost quadruple your XP gain.

When you combine this with the Nixperience Band, you can build a system where you can get all the experience you want while still having the freedom to choose where and when to spend it.

The Pitioss Ruins, the racing track in Duscae, the Crestholm Channels, Daurell Caverns, Costlemark Tower, and the Pitioss Ruins are just a few of the locations where you may find them. Iris even rewards you for bringing her flowers by giving you one!


5. The Sigil of the Founder King

The Founder King’s Sigil Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

The majority of Final Fantasy XV’s accessories either boost stats or improve abilities that already exist.

It’s unusual to find an item that offers something completely unique, but the Founder King’s Sigil accomplishes just that.

Noctis may tap into the past kings and employ the Armiger Unleashed limit break after acquiring this piece of royal heritage.

Noctis’ default Armiger ability is replaced with Armiger Unleashed. The potency of the Unleashed version has been doubled, and there are loads of new methods to deliver massive amounts of damage.

Even Noctis’ companions take a backseat to it since it’s such a strong form to adopt, enabling the Lucian Prince to go full-force.

Armiger Unleashed also exceeds the damage cap, making it more more fun to use.

How to Get It: Visit the Founding King’s Statue at Keycatrich after you’ve collected all 13 Royal Arms.


4. Emergency Medicine

Field Medicine Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

In Final Fantasy XV, items are very important.

They can get you through almost any combat if you use them freely. After all, keeping your hit points above 0 is the entire goal of fighting.

When Noctis’ HP dips below 50%, the Field Medicine equipment aids him even more by instantly administering a potion.

Long-time Final Fantasy fans will recognize this as another installment in the Auto-potion line of abilities, which it is.

That doesn’t make it any less useful, however!

With this fantastic item, you’re on the verge of immortality.

The Duarell Caverns are where you’ll find it.


Magitek Suit V2 is the third version of the Magitek Suit.

Magitek Suit V2 Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

It isn’t always necessary for an accessory to accomplish anything spectacular to be useful. The Magitek Suit series is an excellent example of this, with the second iteration being the best.

The Magitek Suit V2 is a piece of equipment that benefits the wearer’s health as well as their physical appearance.

It gives you a whopping +2000 HP, +100 Strength, and even +70 Vitality increase.

You can cultivate enough of these suits for each member of the crew to have three – and make them almost invincible – if you have the talents to pay enough bills and the patience to do so.

How to Get It: A rare drop from the MA-X Angelus-0, a rare Imperial mech.


2. The Hooded Man

Black Hood Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

Are you bored of holding down the button so Noctis can phase through enemy strikes after fifty hours of battling your way across Eos?

I can’t say I blame you.

Would you think there’s an attachment that can assist with this exact specific issue?

After completing the main tale, you may enter an optional dungeon and get the Black Hood, which allows Noctis to automatically phase-dodge opponent strikes and parry them.

Isn’t that helpful?

Take a rest and let the game do the heavy lifting for you!

How to get it: Go to the Pitioss Ruins and clear the optional Pitioss Ruins.


1. Ribbon

Ribbon Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

The Ribbon is a classic Final Fantasy item if there ever was one.

For many of you reading, I’m sure I don’t need to say much more since this legendary Final Fantasy piece of fabric has been doing the same thing for years – and it won’t disappoint in the fifteenth iteration.

In Final Fantasy XV, the Ribbon protects 99 percent of status illnesses as well as elemental detriments like frost slowing.

The Ribbon is almost necessary to unlock the optional dungeons and superbosses, and you should have it in your hair at all times anyhow.

How to Get It: Frogs of Legend and Dead General Strikes Down the King sidequests provide rewards, and one may be bought for 40 Oracle Ascension Coins in Altissia.

The “ffxv best accessories early game” is a list of items that are available in the game. The list includes weapons, armor, and accessories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy 15?

A: The strongest weapon in Final Fantasy 15 is the Masamune.

What is the best armor in Final Fantasy 15?

A: The best armor in Final Fantasy XV is the Burdened Generals Cuirass.

What is the best weapon for Noctis?

A: The best weapon for Noctis is the spear.

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