8 Tips to Promote Mobile Games

The mobile gaming industry is booming, with the smartphone becoming a major platform for gamers. Here are 8 tips to promote your game and make it stand out in this competitive space.

The “how to promote mobile game” is a guide that gives 8 tips on how to successfully promote your mobile game.

According to a TechJury report, games account for more than 20% of all apps downloaded on iOS and Android devices. According to the same report, roughly 40% of all smartphone use is spent playing games.

Of course, these figures would be meaningless if we didn’t know how many people had a smartphone in total. Approximately 3.5 billion individuals possess a smartphone now, and approximately 2.2 billion of those who do play games.

The income generated by mobile gaming is likewise impressive. This year, mobile games made $7.5 billion in October alone on the App Store and Google Play.

The statistics are staggering, and it’s no wonder that so many developers are attempting to get into the market. However, since mobile games can be so lucrative, the business is very competitive, and even if you have a good game, your chances of success are slim.

If a mobile gaming developer wants to monetize their game, they must have a solid marketing strategy in place. The issue is, how do you go about making such a plan?

1. Conduct a market analysis

The first step should be market research. You will waste key resources such as time and money if you do not define your target audience. You can target your marketing efforts and establish tailored methods to enhance conversions after you have a good idea of your prospective consumers.

If your game is a strategy or a shooter, for example, you’ll need to look for online groups that are currently playing comparable games on mobile phones or other devices. 

Your aim is to research the market and identify these audiences so you can sniff around and see whether there is a market for your game. After you’ve confirmed that there will be, you may go on to the next stage of your marketing campaign. 

2. Research your competitors

Another important aspect of a successful marketing plan is competition research. Competitors can teach both novice and veteran mobile game creators a lot. Naturally, this does not suggest that you should just duplicate and steal the concepts.

Instead, look at what works and what doesn’t, and incorporate what you’ve learned into your game and marketing strategy, if feasible. In an ideal world, you should be testing not just your own game, but also competing games and reading comments from other players.

3. Team Up With Influencers

More than 70% of marketers feel that working with influencers is preferable than employing other forms of promotion. 

These agreements may also help mobile game producers. People are more likely to trust influencers they respect than firms advertising their goods and services.

Word-of-mouth and social proof from influencers are also powerful marketing methods since they are not blocked by ad blockers. When browsing social media with an ad blocker turned on, a post from an influencer one follows is still visible, but numerous online adverts are not.

It all boils down to whether you can afford to work with macro- or micro-influencers. The crucial factor is that this marketing strategy be effective.

Also, don’t restrict yourself to social media while looking for influencers. If you want to advertise mobile games, look for YouTube reviews and Twitch TV broadcasters.

Because gamers make up the bulk of Twitch’s demographics, the latter is particularly successful.

4. Participate in cross-promotional campaigns

For app marketers, cross-promotion efforts are often the strategy of choice. If a developer already has a title, he or she might use it to promote it. Alternatively, contacting another app developer and requesting to rent “ad space” is a typical practice.

It doesn’t take long after you start using a mobile app to see an ad for another app, especially when it comes to mobile gaming. 

What’s to say that this isn’t the case? If someone is already playing a mobile game, it is reasonable to assume that they love it, making them an ideal target.

5. Use social media to run paid ad campaigns


People are more susceptible to social media advertising than ever before, thus mobile game producers should spend money on Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant channels to promote their games. 

According to Backlinko, almost all social media users access the sites on their mobile devices. The figure may be exaggerated, but it still reveals a lot about social media users’ behavior.

Advertising on social media networks that are already popular with the mobile device population makes sense.

One thing to keep in mind is that, on average, video advertising are 8 times more successful than static photos, so anticipate better engagement rates with video.

6. Distribute Beta Invitations

Beta invitations are a fantastic method to get people excited about a game. Prior to the launch, announce that a closed beta will be held to stimulate interest in the game by allowing players to be among the first to experience it. The beta participants will be impressed by the competition to get in and feel like they are part of an elite club. 

Beta testing may also be used to get input on a game so that it can be improved. From minor in-game audio issues to slow performance and crashes for certain devices and iOS or Android versions, mobile game creators should use beta as a vital source of feedback.

7. Create a sense of dread about missing out.

If there is a special event going on, players are more likely to return to a game and tell their friends about it. Fear of losing out is a prominent marketing approach in a variety of media, including mobile games.

If a game includes a microtransactions shop, for example, providing unique and time-limited discounts and products is sure to draw players who don’t want to miss out on these deals.

Special events are also worth mentioning. It’s very uncommon for games to generate special content for special events such as anniversaries, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and so on. 

These events bring new material and freshen things up for existing players, as well as enticing new players and returning players who have become bored with the game.

8. Use a variety of online forums to promote your business.

The last piece of advise is simple. The internet provides a wealth of various methods for mobile game producers to get the word out about their game.

If you look at Reddit, for example, you’ll see that there are different subreddits for iOS and Android games. There are 155 thousand subscribers to the former and 235 thousand to the latter.

Although Discord servers are not as popular for mobile games as they are for PC games, there are still a variety of servers that might be used as a marketing tool.

Then there are social media groups and regular online forums where like-minded individuals, including mobile gamers, may come together.

It’s crucial to realize, though, that you can’t simply walk in and start aggressively marketing your mobile game on these platforms. Developers must usually adhere to specific criteria, assuming that the community permits advertising in the first place.

Last but not least, the concept of a mobile gaming community might be utilized for more than simply advertising. Creators should consider forming a community for their game and cultivating a channel where players can regularly discuss the game or make comments to the developers.


To summarize, if mobile game creators want to advertise their game and attract more players, they must consider a number of factors. 

It’s challenging, yet necessary, to identify suitable marketing tactics and make the most of available resources.

After all, in a market that many consider oversaturated, it’s difficult to expect players to find a new mobile game at random.

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The “how to promote online games” is a blog post that provides 8 tips on how to promote your mobile game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I promote my mobile games?

A: It can be difficult to find the right way to market your mobile games. In order for people to know about them, they must try them out themselves. One option is using Facebook ads and other popular platforms that are used by millions of gamers every day in search of new experiences. Another option would be reaching out on Discord or Reddit where theres a lot more interest in indie games than on mainstream social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How can I promote my gaming?

A: The best way to promote your game is by streaming it on Twitch. You can also use other forms of promotion such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

How do I increase game users?

A: By using the games social media channels and posting on their communities.

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